DiaMon-MK3 Single 12" Loudspeaker

DiaMon-MK3 Single 12" Loudspeaker

Sweet sound, signature shape, simply smashing sophistication.

Co-Axial Powerhouse

You're looking for an edge. You like to be able to load in and load out alone. You need a system that will cover a large area. You need more sound from less space and less weight.

Hot Thing

Because smaller tops are easier to lift. Because you want more sound, not bigger speakers. Because you don't want the same boring speakers as everyone else. Because you think DJs deserve kick-ass monitors.

Family Stories

Scott James

Best 12 inch speaker ive ever ran through my studio. Have spent 1000s of hours listening and have zero complaints.  We also use them on all our stages as s5age monitors as well and never has had an issue. Very loud and clear. 11/10!

Glen Allan
Chaos System
Look… This “little” box will literally blast the crap out of your space. They are doing things your brain says aren’t possible. This ridiculous box is your voice. It’s the one who brings the snap of your snare, the raging leads of your guitar; the one who looks at your synth and laughs when it shoves pure analog screaming distortion into its throat to sing to your audience.
When only the absolute best sound with no compromise will do in your nightclub bassboss products are the Lambo of PA speakers and subs. Every single component in the construction of the product down to the amplifiers they use are all the best possible parts available. If you are serious about your sound, BASSBOSS.

Shine Bright

The DiaMon doesn't waste any energy or space trying to deliver the lows that the subs can handle perfectly well. Its power is concentrated on the very important job of delivering loud, clear mids and highs. Enough to keep up with several large subs.

Perfect Pairs

A high-efficiency 12" midrange/woofer with a 3" compression driver tweeter firing through the middle is loaded into a cabinet that's as small as possible, just big enough to hold the driver, the 1200W amp, and the DSP electronics.

Family Stories

DJ Mark Rambo
My BASSBOSS sound system of two DJ112 MicroMains and two SSP118 Subwoofers never lets me down or disappoints. So nice to have headroom when you need it. It sounds amazing. I get tons of compliments on how people can actually feel the bass.
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Power of MK3

MK3 Amp Update

There are all-new amplifiers in the MK3 series. Total power has increased, however power allocated to woofers increased substantially. The higher output voltages provide more impact. Universal input voltage compatibility of 90-250V provides more flexibility. Waterproof connections provide more peace of mind.

MK3 Enhanced DSP

The MK3 features an all-new 96kHz DSP. The pushbutton presets have doubled, from 4 to 8, and up to 100 presets can now be stored in the DSP and loaded via LAN. The comprehensive suite of processing includes meticulously tuned equalization, all necessary high-pass and low-pass filters, as well as multiple protection systems and limiters to prevent driver overload in as many ways as possible.

ControlBASS Software

ControlBASS software supports an essentially unlimited number of possible BASSBOSS-developed or customized user presets which integrate seamlessly and coherently with all other BASSBOSS products for effortlessly perfect setups. The latest in DSP programming developments can be added via easy remote updating.

Technical Specifications
Specification Details
Loudspeaker Description
2-Way Single 12" Self-Powered Direct Radiating Co-axial Point Source Mid-High
Frequency Response (±3 dB)
80 – 18,000Hz (Full Range - Preset 1) +-3 dB
Maximum Sustained Output
123 dB SPL 1m half-space
Max SPL (Peak)*
126 dB SPL 1m half-space (Limited in full-range)
Nominal Dispersion (H° x V°)
80 x 80 (Conical)
1200 Watts Class D, 2 Channel
Integrated comprehensive DSP. 96kHz sampling rate with 8 pushbutton presets. All presets include high pass filters, low pass filters, phase alignment, equalization and multi-stage limiting. Storage apacity for up to 100 presets
Electrical Connector Amp
Neutrik powerCON True 1 TOP IP65 rated waterproof connectors
Electrical Connector Mains
Standard US 3-pin grounding 120V electrical plug: NEMA 5-15 (Edison)
Voltage Operating Range
100-240V AC, 50-60Hz (Auto-sensing, auto switching universal supply)
Current Draw 120V
1.4 Amps (Nominal)
Current Draw 240V
0.7 Amp (Nominal)
Signal Input Connector
Signal Output Connector
XLR-M (direct pass-through only)
Enclosure Type
2-way active mid-high. Direct radiating sealed 12″ LF, co-axial horn-loaded HF
Transducer Low Frequency
1 x 12 in. diameter (300mm) neodymium motor woofer with 3 in. (76 mm) copper winding voice coil
Transducer Mid Frequency
Transducer High Frequency
1 x 3 in. (76mm) diameter diaphragm compression driver with 1.4" (35mm) exit through 80 degree conical wave guide machined from aluminum ploe piece in the center of the midrange driver
Cabinet Construction
CNC machined 18 and 15mm Birch plywood with dado joinery. 1 x 35mm steel pole socket
Exterior Finish
High-pressure, bonded polyurea coating. Rugged, waterproof. Textured black
Perforated, powder-coated steel
Dimensions (HxWxD)
14 in. x 14 in. x 13.5 in.
Net Weight
30.6 lbs
Shipping Weight
36 lbs
What's Included
Loudspeaker, 15' (5m) Power Cable, Manual, Warranty Card
Optional Covers
Heavy-duty padded nylon transport cover
Optional Dollies
Optional Hardware
Ceiling Mounts, Wall Mounts
True Specifications
Our forward-thinking approach means that we never rest on our laurels. As we continue to innovate and refine our technology, our specifications will evolve. We're committed to constantly pushing the boundaries and raising the bar.

*Peak output is calculated using “industry standard” techniques. These calculation methods create theoretical specifications that are inflated over what can actually be achieved. BASSBOSS real world output specifications are provided as “Maximum Sustained Output” ratings, which reflect actual measured, continuous output levels.
Deep Dive
Product = Primo

Why the DiaMon-MK3?

The secret of the DiaMon-MK3 is its size. It's tiny but it's fierce. It's often misunderstood, so the DiaMon-MK3 may be perfect for you and you would never know it. Do you always take subs to your gigs? Good for you! A philosophy we can get behind 100%! But if you have subs at every gig, do you really need a full-range top cabinet?

Picture a 12-inch 2-way top cabinet. How big is it? It's almost impossible to fit a 12-inch woofer into a cabinet that's less than 14 inches wide, and then you have to add a horn for the highs. You've seen them, lots of them… Let's look at the concept of a 12-inch 2-way a little differently.

A 12-inch woofer can get pretty loud. If you need it to produce bass, the cabinet will need to be big and the voice coil will probably need to be quite big and the amp will need to have lots of power… But what if you were going to use this 12-inch woofer for mid-bass and midrange only? The cabinet could be pretty small, and a small cabinet is a light cabinet. The voice coil could be smaller and the cone could be lighter, making the woofer more efficient. Making the coil smaller means you can make the magnet smaller, which also makes the cabinet lighter. With a more efficient woofer, you don't need such a big amplifier, which can also save weight and cost.

Now, what if you put the tweeter behind the woofer and fired it THROUGH the middle of the woofer? Now your cabinet can be just 14 inches square. That sounds pretty manageable. You already have a magnet and basket, so you use the same magnet for the compression driver, which saves more weight. And the pole-piece in the middle of that woofer can be turned, quite literally, into a conical horn. The cone can continue the flare of the horn, too. All you need is an acoustically transparent dust cap.

At this point you have a 12-inch 2-way that's just as loud as any 12-inch 2-way that's operating as a satellite can be. The difference is, this one is really tiny in comparison with anything that's close to it for output. But a cube on a pole would be boring, so the DiaMon-MK3 has a twist. A 45-degree twist in fact. All the mounting and connection points are inside one of the corners, changing the DiaMon-MK3 from an awesome little cube to an awesome diamond-shaped monitor, called the DiaMon-MK3.

The DiaMon-MK3 is a smaller, lighter top that's extremely capable as a top. It not only makes your system smaller and lighter, it makes the part of the system you have to lift onto a pole much smaller and lighter! Combine a DiaMon-MK3 with any BASSBOSS sub and you'll have a full-range system that can keep up with anything up to double your BASSBOSS system's size. How does that sound?

But there's a secret alter-ego mode to the DiaMon MK3: Full-range!  At lower levels, the DiaMon MK3 can provide response to as low as 45Hz. No, it won't get really loud when it's in full-range mode but it does open up a whole new world of possibilities for using the DiaMon where you want a really small speaker, and you do want full range, but can't or don't want to use a sub.

The DiaMon-MK3 is awesome for installations around dance floors, in bars, in exercise studios, in restaurants and in retail. It's an attractive speaker that doesn't look like a speaker, and if you can include a sub in the area, it's romping loud for its size, easily able to cover dance floors in nightclubs and bars. The custom-designed ceiling brackets allow the DiaMon-MK3 to be suspended anywhere, and they hide the wires completely. Intelligibility is a hallmark of co-axial designs, so it's also an outstanding option for places where public address messages need to be heard and understood, such as in transport hubs like airports and train stations. Crazy, right? DiaMon-MK3s may be your new best friend.

Philosophy = Principled

Straight Specs

At BASSBOSS we believe in power, precision, and practicality. While others in the industry may rely on theoretical calculations or skewed metrics, we provide real-world performance measurements. Performance claims that can't be met are worse than irrelevant, they are deceptive.

If you compare our specs to many in the loudspeaker industry, our specifications might seem rather unimpressive. That's certainly not because the products are underperforming, it's because we choose to tell you the truth instead of marketing hype. We bring you the reality of what our products can actually deliver in real-world conditions. We believe that should matter most to anyone who actually lives in the real world.

Many manipulate data in order to paint an exaggeratedly rosy picture of their products. Things like calculating peak output instead of measuring it, or quoting peak output figures based on output at frequencies outside the operational range of the loudspeaker, or quoting output that's achieved without the necessary processing having been applied. These methods churn out inflated specifications that don't match up to any actual, achievable levels. At BASSBOSS, we like to keep it real. We provide our “Maximum Measured Output" ratings, reporting the levels that we have actually measured our products reaching, and that's with all the filters and limiters in place, exactly the way you receive them. In our book, authenticity always wins.

Champion Components

Every single item in the BASSBOSS lineup echoes our unwavering dedication to superior quality. From the awe-inspiring capacity of our largest festival rigs to the compact portability of our smaller systems, each piece is crafted to meet the same standards, to be exceptional on its own merits. This guarantees that every beat you feel and every song you hear is delivered with the clarity, power and steadfast reliability that are the hallmarks of the BASSBOSS experience.

As part of our commitment to exceptional quality, BASSBOSS goes the extra mile to ensure the components we use are the very best in every application. The best, in this context, doesn't always mean the most exotic, the most expensive, or having the most impressive specifications. It means the best for that particular purpose. Factors like frequency response and efficiency have to be backed up with long-term consistency of performance, long-term reliability, and fitness for purpose. We source top-tier components, from the best-reputed suppliers in the industry, just like every other high-end loudspeaker manufacturer.

If there is a difference between BASSBOSS and the other buyers of these same premium components, it's in the expectations we have for our systems. We didn't grow up on rock-n-roll, we grew up in the age of electronic instruments, digital recordings and deep bass. The demand for more and more SPL at lower and lower frequencies isn't something we're trying to catch up with, it's something we've been leading for years. Those bigger competitors eventually try to build products to do what we do when the demand gets big enough for them to do it. Meanwhile, for years we've been building the products that created that demand. By the time you're able to buy anything similar from them, we're already making the next insanely powerful product they'll eventually try to compete with. They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Deep Design

BASSBOSS is an investment into your creative identity. When you join the BASSBOSS Family you don't just get world-class audio equipment, you get something even more valuable: The BASSBOSS experience. Our products are designed for you to be able to make the most of them from the moment you take them out of the box.

Each element is purposefully crafted. Everything has a reason and a purpose, and that purpose is to make getting consistently great results easy and trouble-free. Whether you're a sound enthusiast or an audio professional, BASSBOSS lets you take control, effortlessly. To begin with, it's as simple as plug-and-play. No complicated setups, no fiddling around with complex controls. Connect directly to your mixer with just a signal cable, switch on, and the BASSBOSS experience means you're ready to deliver powerful soundscapes that move your audience.

Your sound, your way. Our Digital Signal Processing is comprehensive yet accessible. With a variety of inter-compatible presets and the ability to seamlessly switch between them, you can adjust and fine-tune your sound with just the touch of a button, or, if you prefer, the click of a mouse. Everything you need, nothing you don't. The integrated processing allows you to make changes so you can achieve the sound balance you want. And if you're wondering, no, it doesn't allow you to make changes that shouldn't be made, of the type that could cause damage or a deterioration of quality. One more benefit of the experience.

Craftsmanship = Consummate

Prodigious Power

As a main speaker, the DiaMon-MK3 can be used with TWO double 18-inch subwoofers and deliver all the mid-high you need to keep up with them. The DiaMon-MK3 features 1200W of amplification. With 800W of of its power available for the woofer and 400W available to the tweeter, power is plentiful. An auto-sensing, globally compatible power supply that can run on input voltages anywhere between 90 and 250 Volts ensure it can work wherever you take it. Full output power is available on anything over 110V. The amplifier is passively cooled via its external heat-sink. 
When necessary, two blower-fans will engage to provide additional forced-air cooling capacity in more extreme conditions.  

Every BASSBOSS product comes equipped with amplification, and in every case, a generous supply of power is provided. Headroom is the term used to describe power that’s still available when the sound is at the level required, and the BASSBOSS amps provide ample  headroom.  While it’s necessary to have limiters in the DSP to prevent driver overload, those limiters aren’t there to prevent amplifier clipping. There is enough power in every product to reach their maximum SPL without the risk of clipping the amplifier.  

In other words, the amplifier is never the bottleneck in delivering powerful low frequencies, dynamic impact and clear sound. This abundant power capacity not only keeps overheating at bay but also eliminates the potential for damage caused by clipping an underpowered amp. With BASSBOSS, you've got the power to keep your sound pumping.

Thumping Transducers

Amplifier power is converted into the much more desirable acoustical power by an efficient, compact, neodymium motor, 12-inch co-axial driver with a 3-inch (76mm) woofer voice coil and a concentric compression driver, also with a 3-inch (76mm) voice coil. The High-frequencies exit through the pole-pieces of the woofer, which is machined as a conical wave-guide.

Neodymium magnets are lighter, and their higher intensity provides higher efficiency, so the result is a lighter and louder cabinet than those with ferrite drivers. A speaker with the tweeter horizontally or vertically offset from the mid-frequency driver produces very different response as one moves from the tweeter side to the woofer side. This is caused by the different distances the sound has to travel to reach the ears. In co-axial construction the path length difference between lows and highs is the same in any direction, allowing consistent off-axis response.

The protection systems involve several techniques running simultaneously to effectively prevent thermal overload of the voice coils and limit excessive excursion. Reducing thermal saturation not only prevents burned voice coils, it also minimizes long-term thermal compression. Due to the sophistication of these multiple, independent yet simultaneous processes, the drivers can be protected while the actions of the limiters have virtually no noticeable effect on the transient response of the loudspeaker. Peak output can be achieved consistently, repeatedly and safely.

We understand that real-life situations can sometimes be messy. That's why we've waterproofed our cones to withstand accidental exposure to moisture – whether it's an unexpected rain shower or a spilled drink.

Choice Cabinets

The DiaMon-MK3 is a 2-way, single 12-inch self-powered, sealed, direct-radiating co-axial mid-high.The DiaMon 112 has a unique angle-cut corner that allows it to be placed on a table and used as a DJ monitor without pole mounting. It also has a securely attaching 35mm pole socket that can be used with a ring-lock pole-mounting system for when it is used attached to a socket-equipped BASSBOSS subwoofer or on a tripod stand.

BASSBOSS cabinets are designed to endure for a very long time. Built from robust Birch plywood, our construction process involves precise dado joints, cleverly integrated bracing, and cutting-edge adhesives to create sturdy, rigid cabinets that stand the test of time. With a little care in handling, and especially with the use of covers, BASSBOSS cabs can look new years down the line, even after being in many demanding environments and less than ideal locations.

The cabinets are protected by a rugged black polyurea coating that's specially formulated to bond to wood. Amplifiers and inputs are recessed into the cabinets, safeguarding them from impact damage. Powder-coated, perforated steel grilles protect the woofers. An adjustable mount bracket is also available for alternative placements and for permanent installations on walls or ceilings. Every effort is made to create a physical enclosure that will stand up to whatever you throw at it, giving you years and years of solid service.

MK3 = Monumental

Processing Perfection

Proprietary DSP design techniques are at the core of the BASSBOSS line. Every BASSBOSS product features dedicated and integrated signal processing. Proprietary measurement and processing systems allow BASSBOSS products to deliver superior performance and value compared to others of similar size, price or coverage. The innovative, sophisticated protection in the DSP allows the drivers to run louder and longer and remain reliable. The nature of the processing, along with the proprietary limiters, allows the speakers to maintain their character and sound quality to a level higher than you might believe possible.

The protection systems involve several techniques running simultaneously to effectively prevent thermal overload of the voice coils and limit excessive excursion. Due to the sophistication of these multiple, independent yet simultaneous processes, the drivers can be protected while the actions of the limiters have virtually no noticeable effect on the transient response of the loudspeaker. Reducing thermal saturation not only prevents burned voice coils, it also minimizes long-term thermal compression. Peak output can be achieved consistently, repeatedly and safely.

Insane Improvements

The MK3 series, available now, brings an upgraded DSP with an immense boost in processing power. Operating at a sampling rate of 96kHz, it delivers double the resolution of its predecessors, resulting in increased fidelity and a lower noise floor.

The MK3 series doesn't stop there. It provides you with eight meticulously tailored preset alignments, all readily available at the click of a button. Further improving your user experience, the system now enables immediate preset switching with zero signal dropouts, ensuring smooth transitions even if you choose to make preset changes during performances.

This is where excellence meets simplicity: our systems can be connected directly to your mixer, requiring nothing more than a signal cable for you to have all the control you need to achieve great sound. The eight directly accessible presets are compatible with all the presets in all MK3 Boxes and are also compatible with previous generation tops and subs.

For those who need more control, there is more available.

Functionality Fortified

The new DSP features an Ethernet interface. Connecting via the ControlBASS software offers remote control and monitoring from a computer, and allows access to essentially unlimited presets through updates and new releases. With a computer connected, the MK3 DSP features access to a storage capacity of up to 100 on-board presets.

Within the software, multiple cabinets can be grouped together, allowing them to respond to commands simultaneously. This permits the levels of multiple loudspeakers to be adjusted together, and yet independently from the levels of other groups of loudspeakers. In addition to individual and grouped level controls, presets can be loaded and signal levels and temperatures can be monitored.

The MK3 series further expands its functionality with an integrated 2-port network switch, enabling cascaded LAN configurations to easily group loudspeakers for centralized control, making the MK3 series the ultimate tool for taking the reins of your sound experience.

Our systems are designed to grow with you. Want to add more BASSBOSS products to your setup? With inter-compatible tops and subs, cascading LAN configurations, network switches and ControlBASS software, expansion is a breeze. System simplicity, scalability, and sonic excellence: The experience becomes yours.

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