DJX23 Up nXt DJ Challenge for Youth DJs

What’s new at DJX ’23?
Really, it’s more about… who’s nXt?

The UpnXt Challenge for aspiring youth DJs has come to an exciting conclusion.

After intense competition and a display of exceptional talent, we are proud to announce the winners who have earned the opportunity to perform at the DJX'23 Show, held at the Atlantic City Pier.

The UpnXt Challenge, a collaboration between BASSBOSS and the #NOCHASER Kidz Cafe, brought together the passion for music and the drive to empower young talent. This partnership has created a unique platform for aspiring DJs to showcase their skills and unlock extraordinary opportunities.

DJ Dillion takes the top spot as the challenge winner with his great material choices and innovative style. DJ Giz and DJ EliT secured second and third place respectively, bringing infectious beats and undeniable talent that impressed the judges. 

2nd Place: DJ Giz

DJ DIllion receives an exclusive VIP trip to Atlantic City, NJ, including an all-access pass to DJX'23. He will also enjoy an activities pass for discounted and free entry to local attractions, with hotel and travel expenses covered. Furthermore, all three winners will have the privilege of performing a DJ set at the renowned BASSBOSS demo room and booth during DJX’23.

All contestants are invited to perform at DJX 2023 at the BASSBOSS booth and demo room. Come down to check out the nXt-generation of DJs!

BASSBOSS and the #NOCHASER Kidz Cafe express their heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their incredible talent and dedication in the UpnXt Challenge. Your contributions have been instrumental in creating an inspiring platform for aspiring DJs and shaping the success of the campaign.

3rd Place: DJ EliT

DJX'23 Show | DJX is a magnet for seasoned veterans and those first entering the industry. Combining the 30+ year legacy with advancements in the industry, DJX is setting a new cultural standard of industry events. It is the largest and most impactful gathering of DJs in the Americas.

#NOCHASER Kidz Cafe | #NOCHASER Kidz Cafe is a non-profit organization that provides a safe space for children to learn and grow through music and art programs. Congratulations to all!

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