We’re Not into Passive Subs

May 22, 2018
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We hear this often:

“I already have amplifiers that I spent a lot of money on. I don’t want to have to buy amps again!” :/

A sound system used to be a random assortment of parts all pieced together through trial and error in what was usually a series of attempts to get a decent result. That’s the way of the past. BASSBOSS sound systems are bespoke designs and consist of components that are very carefully chosen for their performance, reliability and inter-compatibility.

Each loudspeaker product’s drivers, enclosure, amplification and processing are finely tuned to operate together as a coherent system. Passive boxes are only half of the package. If you have the skills and tools to be able to deliver higher performance at a lower price using your own amplification and tuning, you should know enough to be able to design and build your own enclosures.

I found/own the best subwoofer amps in the world and I just want speakers and cabinets for them.

Every amplifier has measurable performance characteristics, as does every loudspeaker. Every loudspeaker presents a unique load to an amplifier and every amplifier produces a different result with every speaker. You may have found the best amplifier to drive some specific speaker but it’s not guaranteed that it will drive any other speaker as well.

The amplifiers in BASSBOSS speakers are specifically chosen for, and ideally suited to, the loudspeakers they drive. Their integrated, comprehensive processing allows us to push the boundaries of performance farther than would be possible using off-the-shelf amplification and processing.

I prefer to keep my amps in a rack rather than in the boxes.

BASSBOSS does offer our Rack Powered RP series boxes in conjunction with our RPM Rack Powering Modules for amplification. These options are often chosen for installations where accessing the amplifiers in the boxes is less convenient or where running power outlets to the speaker locations is not as cost effective as using rack amplification and speaker wire.

For portable and production applications, this isn’t a very common choice given the measurable advantages in output available through minimizing the length and bulk of speaker wires. Interested in rack-powered options? Contact us for more info.

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