Thoughts on Car Audio

June 19, 2018
Thoughts on Car Audio

Well… we currently don’t do car audio for a lot of reasons.

Most of car audio involves custom-built boxes, with every car and every customer demanding something different. What we do is design and build integrated systems, including the cabinet, the drivers, the processing and the amplification. In doing complete systems, we have control over the quality and end result of the products. Car systems are sold as components, most often from different manufacturers, and assembled and installed by the dealer or by the car owner. The results may be good or bad but either way they are unpredictable.

Some of the market’s priorities are different as well.

Very often the car audio buyer is more pleased with extremely high SPL at a single frequency than with flat frequency response through the bass range. They are accepting of massively heavy magnets and low efficiency in order to achieve long excursions regardless of power consumption or reliability and they seem to have very little concern about distortion. What we do very well could be translated into the car audio market but it’s so different that it would take a lot of new suppliers, new designs, new products and a totally new marketing angle along with the massive budgets necessary in order to do it properly…

And if you’re not going to do something properly, in our view it’s best not to do it at all.

We are open to being convinced, or funded, when the time comes. Thanks!

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